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When you have commercial places such as retail stores, hotels, clinics, offices, warehouses, etc, you need to monitor and control who is coming and going out. Installing the right kind of locks will ensure you have complete control of the accessibility of the property. For business owners, if you are looking for Locksmith that will install locks, repair, and rekey them, you have us. JA Locksmith has been helping businesses for more than 20 years now with their lock security. We are experts at securing your property, making accessibility easier for offices and public buildings such as hospitals. No matter the scale or scope of the project, we are willing to take it. We can install electronic locks in your buildings for each door you need to be installed.

Most commercial places need to take extra care of their security. Commercial places have valuables that need to be protected from robberies and burglaries. With high strength locks and smart security systems, you will be able to avoid incidents of burglaries that can lead to accidents. If you don’t want 

Just anyone to access and steal anything valuable from the land. The records, products, and other materials that the commercial area might have would be saved by locking all the doors and gates. We take full responsibility for the locks of your property as a responsible locksmith, ensuring that all locks operate with working keys that can be accessed by employees according to permits.

Emergency Door Locks

Emergency door locks are one of the most important things if you want to adhere to building codes. Emergency doors as the name suggests are meant for times of emergency. In the case of earthquakes, fire or any natural calamity occurs, emergency doors serve as a quick exit. They should have locks that will open during emergencies and stay closed in normal circumstances. These emergency doors are operated by electricity or batteries so even if in case of outage they can be functional. 

Keeping Your Property Safe From Possible Theft

Our company installs locks that can be broken into. We are highly efficient in installing and repairing locks for your office or commercial places. When you hire us we choose the right type of locks for the property. The right of lock will keep your property safe to prevent burglaries. Give us a call when you want to install or repair locks. 

Our Services

Lock Installation

We install all kinds of commercial locks for your property. No matter where in the property you want to install the lock, whether it is the main gare, individual locks, safes, or some other place, we can help you secure your property with high-quality lock installation. The locks are specifically chosen to fit your property and function efficiently.

Lock Repair

Locks may break, wear off, rust, or become difficult to operate. If you need repair with your lock, we can help. Our trained locksmith can help you with all kinds of lock issues, no matter how difficult. We fix small locks issues, like key jams, rotation issues, etc.

Office Lockout

If you are locked out of your workplace, whether it’s an office, store, warehouse, or some other commercial place, no need to worry. Our emergency team can arrive at your property as soon as you call us. We will fix the lock and in 90% of the times, we don’t have to break the lock. With proper tools, we can pry the lock open, and later we will rekey the lock. 


You don’t have to replace the whole lock if it breaks if you don’t want to. In this service, we replace the lock pins to help you secure the commercial place. Every few months, doing so can be like changing your password and keeping the property secure.

Secure the business room with amazing security systems and locks. For robust protection that can not be breached by criminals, such as high-tech and highly durable locking systems are necessary.


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Business owners trust JA Locksmith because of our vast experience and expertise in commercial locksmith services for their locks. We are well aware of how criminals can try to choose locks, and that’s why we install locks that can’t be fooled. A professional locksmith, from every imaginative offender, can secure the whole business area. We are priced competitively and we never go above the expected quantity. In the city, you get the best products and the most reliable service. JA Locksmith serves 24X7 users.


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