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Being locked out of your car is the worst thing ever. If you have to be somewhere, go home, and stranded in an unknown place, being outside the car is neither safe nor ideal. If you have a baby, or a pet inside the car breaking the window might not be the right option, you could seriously hurt them. In such a situation calling the police might be over the top. Save our number and call us. We will help to safely open the car when you are locked out of it. Our 24X7 emergency service helps you every day at any time of the day. We understand your plight and work towards quickly opening the door without destroying your car. We will not only open the door but fix the lock afterward, so you can go home without having to pay an automated company for lock fixing. 

We are trained and licensed to repair and open locked doors of all models and brands of cars. From economical cars to luxury cars, if you are locked out give us a call and our locksmith will reach you. In these kinds of emergency situations, you need someone you can rely on, someone who will answer you with a single call. No need to worry if you are stuck outside when you have us. We will reach you anywhere in Johannesburg. Give us a call today.

Here Are Things We Do:

Replacing The Car Keys

If the original car keys or smart fob is lost or not working right, you might need a replacement key. The good thing is we are experts in automobile keys. We will replace your car keys and give you a new one, also change the lock if needed to secure your car.

Duplicate Car Keys

Some car owners want duplicate car keys in case of emergencies or if they have a tendency of losing their car keys, leaving it in places, etc. We will quickly help you duplicate keys when you come to us.

Key Fob Substitution

Most cars today have key fobs, it has made things easier. If you have lost your key fob, we can help you build a new key fob, also change the code of the original lock so if someone had the fob, they can’t use it to open the car doors.

Car Key Extraction

If your car key is stuck in the lock, broken, bent, or got damaged in any way while being inside the lock, you might not be able to extract the key. This can cause a whole range of issues. We at JA Locksmith can help you extract the car keys from the lock, fix the lock if it is broken, and provide a duplicate in the lock. 

Ignition Cylinder Replacement

If even after placing the key in, your engine refuses to turn one, your car will need replacement of the ignition cylinder. We will help you with the problem at JA Locksmith so that you can drive your car in peace.

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JA Locksmith has been helping car owners and other vehicles get its locks fixed and fix their keys. If you are locked out or need any other kind of automobile locksmith services gives us a call. We are here to help you. We are trained to be the best automobile locksmith in the town and you can trust us to give you effective and quality services at affordable prices. Give us a call today for emergency or non-emergency key services, 



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